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The Thrill of Commercial Ironwork

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Commerical ironwork is a highly skilled trade that requires a great deal of agility and focus. Every skyscraper in the world starts with commercial ironwork. These craftsmen take risks you would not believe to ensure that the job gets done.

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Ironworkers have helped to build just about every type of commercial building in one way or another. This arm of the construction industry is like no other when it comes to the needed necessary skills and the level of risk.

This video shows you exactly what it takes to work in this industry. Watch as the ironworkers take on death-defying feats to reach unbelievable heights to do their job. This video from Construction Fun takes you on a journey right alongside the ironworker to the top of some of the tallest structures.

This video is a must-watch for anyone that wants to see what it takes to be an ironworker and the amount of work and risk that really is involved in the trade. Anyone that is interested in construction and wonders what it takes to piece together a skyscraper and other tall structures will enjoy this short compilation of ironwork projects. Watch now and be amazed.


Learn How Fire Sprinklers Work

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Fire sprinklers have saved countless lives and millions of dollars worth of property. Perhaps we take them for granted. Have you ever stopped to wonder just how fire sprinklers work? The popular YouTube channel Discovery News explains.

Unlike what you see in the movies, setting off one fire sprinkler does not set off all of the sprinklers in a system. A sprinkler head installed by a fire protection sprinkler company goes off when subjected to intense heat. Each sprinkler head needs to feel that heat to go off.

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This way, a sprinkler system does not destroy properly through water damage.

A sprinkler head contains a valve that’s connected to a water supply. This valve is covered by a glass tube. There is sugar alcohol inside of the tube that expands only when it feels a huge upsurge in heat. The gas breaks the glass, which releases the valve. Sprinkler heads are made to react with different degrees of heat.

Many fires start on the floor or on furniture, which is usually waist height. So, why are fire sprinklers installed on the ceiling? This is because heat rises. The heat from fires tends to rise quickly, setting off the fire sprinklers.

What are the Different Options for Engagement Rings?

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A shopper can choose from a variety of diamond ring options for someone he or she loves. There are probably over 100 different engagement rings on the list. A heart-shaped diamond ring usually comes in the solitaire form and has the shape of a diamond sculpted into it. That type of ring can be wonderful on a special holiday or proposal occasion. This video goes over the process of developing a diamond ring into the gorgeous piece of artwork it becomes.

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A diamond cluster is a ring that has numerous diamonds in it. This type of ring can take on various shapes. It can have a single band or two or three levels to it. Clusters are best when a person is trying to achieve an elegant look.

Another type of diamond ring that might interest someone is a three-stone diamond ring. This type of ring usually has the diamond in the center and two different types of stones on both sides of the diamond. They could be birthstones or something else. These are excellent for people who like to add a little uniqueness and flavor. An experienced jeweler can help a prospective buyer to choose the most suitable ring for a partner, fiance, or loved one.

How Plasma Coating Services Work

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Modern engine and gun parts have to be manufactured using high-tech modern processes in order to perform well under all conditions. Traditional manufacturing techniques might be able to shape metal and seal gaps between parts, but they can’t offer long-term protection from the elements or create non-stick surfaces.

In order to achieve these and other goals, some gun and engine parts manufacturers offer plasma coating services. Unlike traditional coatings that have to be weak and malleable enough to be applied under normal conditions, plasma coatings are much tougher.

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In order to apply a plasma coating, the coating material is heated in plasma. Then it is applied to the object that needs to be coated. Generally, that object is metal or ceramic because it needs to be able to withstand high temperatures during the coating process. Once the coating hits the surface of the object, it is almost immediately permanently bonded in place.

To see a plasma coating service in action, take a look at the video posted here. It shows plasma coatings being applied in normal atmosphere and vacuum conditions. It works on both large parts for engines and small parts for more delicate devices like guns.


Repairing a Salvage Fire-Damaged RV

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If you’re looking for an RV to live or travel in, but you have to keep to a strict budget, you may think you’re out of luck. Fortunately, even if you can’t afford a well-used RV, you may be able to find repairable salvage RVs for sale in your area that fit your budget. These vehicles may be damaged, but they are completely usable after a few repairs.

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The video on this page showcases one person’s journey as they repair their salvage RV. The RV they purchased had significant fire damage, but it was still repairable. They had to clean the RV inside and out, replace some parts and furnishings, and do other repairs. They also had to tend to the RV’s engine.

If you want to repair a salvage RV, you should already have at least some mechanical skills. You should be used to repairing both homes and vehicles for the best results since RVs have elements of both. You may need to do some carpentry work on the interior to get the end result you’re looking for.

Repairing a salvage RV can be a great way to make a family travel vehicle or home your own. Watch through the video to learn more about the steps you might need to take to complete the repairs.