10 Great Ideas for End of Summer Fun

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The end of summer is quickly approaching, and you might be thinking about one last fling before the beginning of the winter season. But this does not mean the end of summer fun because there are many things we can do before summer fades into fall. You might want to finish that project that keeps getting put off or have a summer-end party. These are some end of summer fun activities to close the season the right way.

1. Adopt a Puppy

The end of summer is a perfect time to adopt a puppy. Opening your heart to adopt a small puppy makes your soul feel good and may save a defenseless puppy’s life. Adopting a puppy at the end of summer is ideal since the water is warmer and conducive to puppy training outside.

If you hire puppy trainers, they would have good weather working with the puppy. Besides, puppies love being outside, and what would be better than a new home and backyard to play in? And, if you were to hire puppy trainers, which is not a bad idea, the end of summer has the perfect weather for outdoor puppy training.

2. Install a Deck

At the end of summer, most folks may be putting their deck furniture in storage for the upcoming winter. However, it may be a great time to contact a contractor as their deck-building business is winding down for the season. When a contractor’s seasonal work begins to slow down, you may get more favorable pricing but at the least a better time frame for construction. With slowing business at the end of summer fun and approaching fall, contractors usually are more willing to work with you. Also, with the weather beginning to cool off, the deck construction materials will be less affected by humidity and extreme heat. Beginning deck construction at the end of summer gives you more time to allow for any surprises during the construction process.

From the end of summer to fall, we typically have more stable weather than deck construction during the winter, with the weather being much more predictable. Contractors usually have less work demand this time of year. So the special deck lighting or the under-deck system you wanted to keep beneath the deck dry might be less costly with some negotiating with the contractor.

3. Perform Home Maintenance

The end of summer is the perfect time to do home maintenance as fall is right around the corner, and winter is coming. This is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming winter by doing preventative work on your home. These are some suggestions for your end of summer fun to prepare the home for the winter.

This is the time of year to get the dreaded creepy crawlers under control, especially if you live in a rainy part of the country. The summer months are the perfect time of year to prepare the home for the invasion of nuisances. These are some suggestions for preparing your home for the creepy crawler invasion.

Seal any entryway openings and replace any worn weather striping. Also, make sure to set out bait and traps for any unwanted guests. One of the favorite haunts for pests is dirty garbage cans, so do a deep clean before winter. And finally, explore your home for any infestations or nests. If there are any hidden or out-of-the-way leaks, they will attract insects in the summer, so it may be necessary to call a plumbing company for repairs

4. Draw With Sidewalk Chalk

There is nothing more representative of the end of summer fun for your children than drawing with sidewalk chalk. Generally considered safe to use by children, sidewalk chalk is not advised to be used on newly poured concrete or pavement. The freshly poured materials may have pores that have not set, and the chalk can seep into them, causing a stain. If the chalk is applied too early on freshly poured concrete or pavement, it may require a call to the paving company to clean up.

But the end of summer fun is exemplified when children happily draw their games or artful expressions on the sidewalk. Sidewalk chalk can be considered a creative tool to encourage children to play together with the games they have created. Another positive aspect of sidewalk chalk is children’s encouragement and artistic development.

Sidewalk chalk provides a lot of end of summer fun and is safe for children. However, it is best to use only non-toxic sidewalk chalk and look for these ingredients: 1. Calcium Carbonate 2. Calcium Sulfate 3. Purified food-grade diatomaceous earth 4. Flour (avoid if the child is gluten intolerant), and 5. Vegetable dyes.

5. Start a Garage Band

As the summer winds down and outdoor activities are slowing, this may be a good time to start the garage band you always dreamed of. With the end of summer fun ratcheting up, it is the perfect time to start a garage band and entertain your friends with an end of summer blast. You may end up with a group that could last for years.

Some tips for starting a garage band are: 1. Create a good name that resonates with the audience 2. Choose the genre you will be playing 3. Fortunately, a garage band has the practice location already down 4. Work at writing your music 5. Practice recording your music. So open the garage doors wide, crank up the amps, and have a summertime blast.

6. Go to a Music Festival

As summer begins to wind down and autumn is just over the horizon, the summertime fun slowly winds down. But this is the time of the year we typically see an uptick in music festivals. W is better than joining thousands of other festival goers being entertained with some beautiful music?

Attending music festivals is always good as long as the portapotty rental company is up to its task and has plenty of inventory. Depending on the genre of music, the entire family can have end of summer fun listening and cajoling with all the fellow festival attendees. Some of the biggest and best musical festivals happen at the end of summer and provide a great escape from the grind of daily life.

7. Go on a Long Vacation

As shocking as it may seem, American workers only use 51% of their vacation time, according to the Glassdoor job and recruitment marketplace. Further, of those who did take vacation time, 61% admitted to bringing work with them. For all those who don’t take vacations, the end of summer fun is when you go on a long vacation. But where should you go?

Fortunately, many wonderful vacation destinations are perfect for summer’s end. These are some suggestions for the many destinations for a long, perfect vacation. That is as long as you don’t have to call the local locksmith to return to your rented beach house.

1. Destin, Florida – Famous for white sand beaches, emerald green water, and the leisure fisher’s dream vacation. 2. Las Vegas, Nevada – The ‘City That Never Sleeps’ offers first-class entertainment from gambling meccas, world-class shows, and top-tier musical acts. 3. Orlando, Florida – Often called ‘The City Beautiful,’ and for good reason due to some of the most elaborate theme parks in the world, including Disney World, Universal Resorts, and SeaWorld. 4. San Diego, California – Any city with a world-famous zoo with escalators and perfect year-round weather has to be a destination. 5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Often rated as the #1 summer vacation destination, Myrtle Beach has something for the entire family and is often called ‘The Golf Capital of the World.’

8. Get a New Paint Job

The end of summer fun doesn’t have to stop with vacations or installing a deck. Why not get a new paint job for the home or even a vehicle? A new paint job breathes new life into a home, either outside or interior. Often this facelift paints a smile on the family heading into fall when on gray and gloomy days, the home shines. We also must not forget the car or any vehicle depended on for daily transportation. Not only does a freshly painted vehicle look great, but new paintwork is the ultimate auto detailer for increasing the vehicle’s value.

9. Host a Lavish Party

Extend the end of summer fun by hosting a fabulous summer party. Have fun planning lavish parties, then host the party with a summer theme. At the end of summer, hosting a lavish summer party is the perfect ending to the season. These are some suggestions for party themes at the end of summer.

These are some of the more lavish party themes that have to be considered for the end of summer: 1. Tropic Paradise – The tropical paradise theme has to be considered at the end of summer, so chill the punch bowl on a palm print tablecloth with fresh flowers for a tropical party not to be forgotten. 2. BBQ Bash – What is more all-American than a lavish BBQ? String some led lights, hang the led American flag, light the fire pit, and close out the end of summer fun the all-American way. 3. Block Party – Invite all your neighbors and friends for an end of summer, old-fashioned block party. Organize a potluck dinner of everyone’s favorites, maybe reserve a dunking tank, create fun games for the children, and finish the summer on a high note. And in the process, maybe make some new friends just down the block. 4. Festive Fun – The festival season is about over, so have your festive party. Decorate with some silk bunting, outdoor furniture, festive string lights, and party music for the perfect end of summer fun. And to take it to another level, treat special guests with a limo ride to the festival party of the year.

10. Go Horseback Riding

What is better than the freedom you get by riding a horse? When thinking of horseback riding, mountain trails are often thought of, but why not horseback riding on beaches with the ocean lapping at the horse’s hooves? These are some of the best horse-riding beaches in America, and everyone is as close to nature as they can get, so close out the end of summer fun with a memorable horseback ride on one of these beaches.

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – At the perfect end of summer, riding well-trained horses for ages above nine along Myrtle Beach and through shady trails creates grand memories that will last forever. 2. Corpus Christi, Texas – Book a horseback ride for an hour on the beach or longer for sunset rides, even for children six or older, and have an end-of-summer to remember. 3. Fort Pierce, Florida – Tour the Florida beaches on horseback for an hour or a day and let the cool ocean breezes blow your cares away. Your only care will be to avoid the occasional horse pellets, but that’s horse life! 4. Pacific City, Oregon – Horseback riding on the beach with the Pacific Ocean lapping at the horse’s hooves is a romantic end to the summer season. You can often observe a young man on his knee proposing to the love of his life. If that is not a romantic horseback ride, I don’t know what is! 5. Hatteras, North Carolina – For the exhilarating feeling of adventure and freedom, horseback riding on the famous Outer Banks. Horseback riding on a pristine beach while breathing the crisp Atlantic Ocean air has to be experienced at least once as the end of summer fun.


There are many ways to celebrate the end of summer fun, and these suggestions may give you an idea of how to close the summer out in style. All you have to do is to decide on the theme that best suits you. Then you can commit to carrying it out and creating an exciting and memorable occasion that leaves everyone anticipating next year’s end of summer fun celebration.

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