What Differences to Know Between GPS Tracking Systems and Apple Airtags?

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The video below offers an overview of three diverse GPS tracking system models. Per the reporter, these electronic trackers are used for many reasons, including tracking one’s vehicle or personal items. He then goes into evaluating these three specific location trackers and the pros and cons of each one. 

To begin, the three trackers the reporter goes over include the Invosia GPS tracker, the Land Air C54 GPS tracker, and the Apple AirTag GPS.

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As one can imagine, each tracker has its pros and cons. One aspect the reporter went over was the price range for each tracker. Allowing one to figure out which tracker fits in their budget specifically. The next thing he went over was how they operate. He went into how the Apple AirTag GPS works a little differently than the other two. The reason is that it relies on the iPhone for its location information spots. He also goes into the appearance and battery life.

Furthermore, the reporter finishes by addressing concerns about the trackers being used for unauthorized activities such as being put in someone’s car or tracking you without your knowledge. Is always going to be a concern, but he goes into the importance of personal security with these devices and their benefits being a solution to personal security. .

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