Month: November 2021

How Plasma Coating Services Work

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Modern engine and gun parts have to be manufactured using high-tech modern processes in order to perform well under all conditions. Traditional manufacturing techniques might be able to shape metal and seal gaps between parts, but they can’t offer long-term protection from the elements or create non-stick surfaces.

In order to achieve these and other goals, some gun and engine parts manufacturers offer plasma coating services. Unlike traditional coatings that have to be weak and malleable enough to be applied under normal conditions, plasma coatings are much tougher.

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In order to apply a plasma coating, the coating material is heated in plasma. Then it is applied to the object that needs to be coated. Generally, that object is metal or ceramic because it needs to be able to withstand high temperatures during the coating process. Once the coating hits the surface of the object, it is almost immediately permanently bonded in place.

To see a plasma coating service in action, take a look at the video posted here. It shows plasma coatings being applied in normal atmosphere and vacuum conditions. It works on both large parts for engines and small parts for more delicate devices like guns.