Why You Shouldn’t Try to Run From Your Bail Bondsman

Engaging a bail bondsman is a common solution for those seeking release from jail while awaiting court proceedings. However, the temptation to flee from a bail bondsman and avoid trial can lead to severe consequences. Here’s why you should think twice before making such a decision.

Legal and Financial Repercussions

When you sign a contract with a bail bond agent, you agree to appear in court at specified times. Failing to honor this agreement not only breaches the contract but also leads to the forfeiture of any collateral—be it property or cash—put up by you or your cosigners. This means significant financial losses and potential legal charges against you for breaking the bail conditions.

The Role of Bounty Hunters

Should you decide to run, the bail bondsman can legally employ a bounty hunter to track you down and bring you to court. Facing a bounty hunter is not an ideal situation; it involves being pursued and potentially detained against your will, further complicating your legal situation with additional charges.

Impact on Friends and Family

Often overlooked is the profound impact your decision to flee can have on friends and family, especially if they are cosigners on your bail bond. They face the financial repercussions of your actions, which can range from lost money to severe financial distress or even bankruptcy. The emotional toll can also damage these critical relationships permanently.

Judicial Consequences

Escaping from a bail bondsman can severely damage your standing in the judicial system. Courts are less likely to show leniency to someone who has attempted to evade justice, which could lead to harsher sentences when caught. Moreover, a history of such behavior could influence future legal proceedings, possibly resulting in denied bail for any subsequent arrests.

The Burden of Living as a Fugitive

The life of a fugitive is filled with anxiety, instability, and constant fear of capture. This stress can significantly affect your mental and physical health, leading to a life that is anything but free. The psychological burden of always looking over your shoulder, wondering if today is the day you get caught, is immense and debilitating.

While the idea of running from a bail bond agent PA has might seem like a temporary escape from your problems, the long-term consequences are far-reaching and overwhelmingly negative. Instead of fleeing, facing your legal issues head-on is the most prudent course of action. This approach not only fulfills your legal obligations but also preserves your future opportunities and personal relationships.

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