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From Shingles to Sales: 10 Excellent Roofer Marketing Content Ideas

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Are you a professional roofer trying to find ways to promote your business? Luckily, you’re in a very lucrative career where people need your services. There are so many techniques you can use for viable roofer marketing content. Get the ball rolling on marketing your roofing services with the following tips.

1. Hire a Web Producer

With so much competition out there, it’s always a good idea to have a website for your business. Of course, you shouldn’t have just any website, but one people will want to navigate and get good information from. According to statistics, viewers will only stay on a website for seven seconds that doesn’t load properly. That’s why you should hire a professional web producer who understands how to develop a website and optimize it. They understand how to use the right template and optimized coding, while providing guidance on the type of content you should post.

In addition to using a web producer, an entire marketing team can help you with these duties as they specialize in the best search engine optimization practices. They can work with you on developing a content calendar that can keep your website updated so people will keep coming back for more. After all, if someone needs a roof replacement and don’t know where to start, the first place they’re going to look is the worldwide web. Make it easy for these potential customers to find you by having a professional roofer marketing content online.

2. Create Great Signage

Never underestimate the value of great signage. Let people know about your roof replacement services by investing in custom banners and outdoor signs for your business. According to recent surveys. Over 60% of people have gone into a business based on the sign alone. So, if you have a brick-and-mortar office that people can come into for consultation, let them know that by displaying your name and logo on a prominent sign.

You can further display custom banners in different parts of the city. Have you ever seen sign twirlers at work? It’s hard not to notice them doing amazing tricks and spins with signs that help promote a business. Hire them to stand at a street corner near your office space or in different areas of the city ensure the sign they’re twirling has your name and ideal contact number.

3. Use Social Media

There are so many social media sites for businesses to take advantage of. As a commercial roofing professional, you can use LinkedIn to connect with other people in your industry as well as relevant organizations to join. These other sites like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram that can display visuals that showcase your company’s expert roofing work. Post videos and photos of your roofers at work so people can see how well you work in a professional setting.

Grow your social media network with marketing professionals who understand how to tap into these different target audiences. So don’t worry if you don’t have time to navigate different social media websites and consistently make posts. Marketing professionals can easily find the best roofer marketing content ideas to post on your social media profiles for you.

One of the great things about utilizing social media marketing is the low overhead costs. Plus, social media comes with analytics that allows you to track how well certain posts are doing over others. It also allows you to see the demographics of who is clicking on your content and how long they’re staying. If certain types of content aren’t working, you can phase that out and focus on a type of roofer marketing content that people cater to.

4. Buy Podcast Ads

It’s no secret that people are heavily attracted to visual content. However, audio content is just as hot as ever. According to exploding topics, there are over 3 million podcasts in over 100 languages out there as of September 2023. If you think that podcasts aren’t useful for roofer marketing content, you couldn’t be more wrong. According to the Roofers Guild, the Roofing SEO Podcast, the Roof Strategists Podcast, and Roofing Road Trips are some of the top podcasts in the industry. These aforementioned podcasts and others cover a range of industry topics like business development, sales, marketing, as well as the commercial side of the industry.

As you build your business, you may have a chance to be interviewed by one of these podcasts. You may have enough staff and ideas to create your podcast around your services and related topics. However, being on a podcast as a guest or a creator isn’t the only way to utilize their power. Consider investing in podcast ads. With so many people listening to podcasts, using them as your ad space can tap into that audience for as long as you run those ads.

In addition to podcasts, radio ads are just as useful. People still listen to AM/FM radio shows every day, so they provide a great resource for commercial marketing. Since you don’t have to invest in a TV studio and production, these radio commercials are often much cheaper and faster to produce.

5. Do Target Emailing

If you have an e-mail address, you understand how e-mail marketing is still very popular. Technology advances have grown since the dawn of e-mail, but it hasn’t stopped e-mail from evolving into a very lucrative and vibrant marketing source. According to Hubspot, over 4 billion people use email daily, and its marketing should generate 11 billion in revenue by the end of the year. For example, if you want to advertise flat roof services, you can find a target market that’s looking for that and send them direct e-mails.

When clients join your e-mail list, you can give them weekly or monthly e-mail updates. You can make note of their birthdays and send them special deals for that time of year as well as holiday specials. In other words, e-mail is one of the cheapest forms of marketing that can have very lucrative results on the back end.

6. Buy Print Ads

Don’t forget about the value that print ads they’ll have. You can advertise your local commercial roofing service in Home improvement magazines. These publications are a great way to start as these are often sources that people look to for home or commercial updates and the contractors that can provide the services they need. You can also invest in targeted mailers and postcards that specifically go out to businesses. And don’t forget about local newspapers. While the newspaper industry has suffered hits thanks to digital formats, they’re still in print and are still a resource to place ads related to your field. You can also invest in advertising in local directories such as business directories or the Yellow Pages.

7. Put Up a Billboard

It’s hard to miss a prominent billboard when you’re driving on the highway. As roofing contractors aim for better roofer marketing content, they should focus on what they can place on a prominent billboard. When you invest in a billboard, you have a long-term targeted advertisement that is also way more cost-effective than running a TV ad. Billboards are highly visible since people can constantly see them in high-traffic areas like busy streets, public transportation hubs, and other locations outside. Thousands of people will see your billboard every day, whether they’re walking past it, driving past in a car, or viewing it while waiting for their train.

You can use your billboard to further drive traffic to your company website and social media pages. You can include your phone number for people to directly call you about your roofing services. In other words, it’s an effective way to connect your marketing strategies across different platforms.

8. Do Canvassing

Put some of your team to work with canvassing. Use canvassing to help put the word out in local neighborhoods. If you want to advertise your roof installation services, create flyers and leave them on door handles and car windshields. Post them onto boards in local coffee shops or business lobbies and anywhere else you can stick them.

In some cases, canvassing may allow you to directly engage with customers. For example, if you knock on a door and a homeowner or business owner answers, you’ll be able to directly answer any questions they have about your roofing business. At that time, you could also take their direct contact information if they’re comfortable enough to give it. From there, and add them to your contact list.

Another good thing about canvassing is it involves targeted marketing. While you can always leave flyers and business cards anywhere you like, you can also pick a specific neighborhood where you’re more likely to get roofing business. That way, you can better focus your resources and time to generate leads for more business.

Canvassing allows you to put a face to your business. When you meet people in person, you can introduce yourself and distribute any promotional materials ranging from business cards, hats, T-shirts, and anything on your person. In other words, you could leave a lasting impression that can make people want to learn more about your services and the personality behind them.

9. Start Blogging

Many businesses benefit from blogging, and so can yours. According to Finances Online, as many as 80% of companies in America use blogs as part of their standard marketing strategy. Blogs provide a creative way to go beyond the standard information you have on your website. For example, a professional website will list your services, fees, contact information, and customer testimonials. With blogging, you can further show more of your professional expertise by talking about relevant topics relating to roofing.

For example, some roofer marketing content can discuss how residents can benefit from using solar panels on their roofs. You can have an article that compares and contrasts the pros and cons of using different roofing materials, like metal versus asphalt. Discuss some of the benefits of TPO roofing, which include heat, reflectivity, as well as strength, and durability, and why so many commercial businesses love it. A good company blog can help extend your reach to potential clients as well as help your search engine optimization presence online. But don’t just stick to the blog on your website. You can even create blog posts that are specifically meant for 3rd party websites.

10. Use Google Maps

When businesses think of Google and marketing, they often focus on how well their website can rank in Google searches. You can also use Google as a marketing tool within itself, especially when it comes to Google Maps. Include relevant information about your residential roofing company that’ll be included on your Google My Business profile. Get the ball rolling by updating your Google My Business profile by making sure all of your information is up to date.

Do you have good visuals to showcase your company? Add as much of the visual roofer marketing content as you can to your Google Business profile. Showcase your roofing materials, products, services, and photos of workers in action.

Don’t forget to respond to customer reviews. Google Reviews is one of the main sites that customers use to leave reviews about companies. Even if you have negative feedback, it shows professionalism if you respond to customers and show that you’re listening to their critiques and that you value their feedback. Monitor your Google Analytics on this page to find out how your customers are finding your business information and how they’re interacting with your business.

As you can see, there are many ways to showcase roofer marketing content to promote your business. Whether you use social media, billboards, direct mailings, or emails, you have several ways to broadcast your roofing services and expertise to local and nationwide customers. Of course, you don’t have to do everything on your own, as you can always hire a local marketing team to assist you. By utilizing a combination of the above steps, you can promote your business in no time.

Affordable Home Repairs to Consider Before Fall Starts

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Home repairs have become a necessity rather than a luxury over the years. One of the most critical factors when undertaking them is ensuring the end result is a space of optimal comfort. With colder weather approaching, it’s a good time to consider upgrades that will keep you and your family comfortable throughout the fall months. Here are some affordable home repairs that are worth every penny.


One of the affordable home repairs to prioritize is preventative maintenance on your HVAC system, especially the air conditioning unit. Before wholly swapping over to heating mode, have a trusted HVAC technician perform a tune-up to optimize performance and nip any small issues. Air conditioning repairs typically involve replacing air filters, cleaning the condenser coils, oiling moving parts, checking refrigerant levels, and ensuring proper airflow.

A well-maintained, professionally serviced AC runs more efficiently, keeping electricity bills in check. The goal is to prevent untimely breakdowns that leave you unexpectedly without AC on those occasional hot fall days. While a full HVAC inspection and tune-up may sound intimidating, affordable options are available. Look for special fall home maintenance packages from reputable HVAC companies that provide discounts on pre-season tune-ups.

The investment of a nominal fee now can prevent exorbitant repair bills later. If your budget is extra tight, simply replacing the air filter yourself and clearing any debris from the outdoor AC unit can go a long way. However, for optimal protection, having a trained technician give your AC some extra TLC provides valuable peace of mind heading into the cooler months. Overall, keeping your system in tip-top shape ensures it will be ready to keep you comfortable when temperatures rise again next Summer. Making AC repairs an annual routine fosters a healthy home during all seasons.

2. Drainage

You must prepare your drainage system for the changes of fall. The last thing you want is to deal with clogged drains when temperatures drop. Inspecting and maintaining your drainage systems and roofs now can prevent more costly damage later.

Use a drain snake or compressed air to clear obstructions and allow water to flow correctly. It’s crucial to monitor drains after cleaning and call a professional if clogs persist. Delaying drainage repairs can lead to leaks and water damage as rain accumulates.

3. General Plumbing

Before fall’s chill breezes and blows open the door, give a technician free rein to inspect your home’s pipes and fixtures and ponder some general plumbing repairs. Though obtaining multiple estimates from local plumbing companies makes good economic sense when large projects loom, smaller, proactive measures require merely a visit to the hardware.

Replacing worn washers in dripping faucets, for example, costs little more than an hour plus a package of washers, yet prevents gallons of wasted water and frustration. Similarly, inspecting exposed water lines for corrosion and wrapping any dubious sections with inexpensive foam pipe insulation pays dividends in preventing ruptures.

Checking outside hose bibs and interior shut-off valves helps them to properly operate. Though no one relishes extra home maintenance, a few strategic yet economical repairs create peace of mind and help avoid catastrophic plumbing failures. When you include plumbing services in your list of affordable home repairs, you’ll smile through winter, knowing your plumbing will withstand the season’s worst.

4. Water Wells

As a homeowner, you should consider affordable healthy pump repairs and maintenance. Decreasing water pressure often indicates an issue with the well pump, and in such a case, contacting a local well pump services company to inspect the system is recommended. The technician can check the flow rate and diagnose problems without breaking the budget. They typically test for drawdown – how much the water level in the well drops during use – to determine if the well produces adequate water volume or if the pump intake is too low.

Insufficient productivity would require drilling the well deeper, which can be costly. However, replacing the pump is less than half that price. If the pump is old or worn out, installing a new one can restore water pressure.

Submersible models conveniently drop into the borehole for easy installation. Then, the pump pushes water up the piping and into the home. However, the flow rate also depends on pipe diameter, so a larger pipe may be necessary to increase capacity. A variable speed pump that can match varying demands could also help optimize efficiency, as it runs slower during periods of low usage, saving electricity.

With preventative maintenance, well pumps are less likely to fail unexpectedly. Annual inspections can detect issues before a breakdown occurs. But even if the pump does stop working, an affordable replacement is preferable to major well drilling. Proper maintenance keeps water flowing smoothly into the home at a good pressure.

5. Roofing

When fall arrives and daylight hours decrease, a chill permeates homes. In such times, compromised roofing impedes the enjoyment of the final warm months. Homeowners on a budget face difficult decisions: hire commercial roofing services now or tolerate leaks and drafts throughout the winter? Although companies tout exceptional roofing capabilities, high costs often limit engagement.

However, affordable home repairs exist for resourceful homeowners willing to attempt minor repairs. Proper equipment like a sturdy ladder and basic tools can help you fix leaks and gaps as temporary measures until major roofing needs arise. If the source of a leak is unclear, using a garden hose often reveals the location.

Complex repairs are best left to seasoned roofing companies. Addressing these nagging roofing problems now allows for comfortable fall and winter enjoyment. Then, when full roof replacement becomes necessary, with prudent savings, the best commercial roofing services can be engaged.

6. Kitchen Remodels

While major kitchen remodels can fully transform the heart of a home, large-scale overhauls often require budgets exceeding many homeowners’ means. However, numerous smaller and more affordable home repairs can substantially improve your kitchen’s aesthetics and utility.

For example, giving drab cabinets a fresh coat of paint will light up the space without breaking the bank. Painting the cabinets yourself rather than hiring kitchen remodeling contractors can also help you save considerably on labor costs. Updating old cabinet hardware to match modern metal finishes adds a fresh look. Installing new backsplash tile behind the stove – such as subway or penny tile – adds vintage character, while replacing outdated sinks and faucets provides a more contemporary appearance.

Open shelving lights up a room and offers display space to showcase dishware. Pendant lights over a kitchen island provide extra illumination for an eat-in area, and swapping out a small light fixture for a dramatic chandelier makes a statement. Updating countertops with budget-friendly options like butcher block, quartz, or laminate can give the space a new feel. Removing excess appliances and cookware opens up valuable counter space.

7. Declutter

With fall on the horizon, decluttering projects should take priority in your list of affordable home repairs. To initiate the process, start by addressing accumulated clutter. Donate unused furnishings to charity and purge overflow from cupboards, reclaiming space for more purposeful usages.

Organize closets, basements, and attics. Once you’ve cleared all the clutter and find you’re left with items you can’t hand down, maybe because they aren’t working, enlist the help of companies offering garbage removal services. This way, all you need to do is gather everything in one place, and they’ll come pick it up.

Revitalizing your home with decluttering before fall won’t strain your budget. Rather, choose garbage removal companies that provide valuable services as you ready your dwelling for the cooler months ahead. No better time exists than the present to begin optimizing your home so you can fully relax and enjoy fall’s advent.

8. Septic Service

Often overlooked until malfunctioning, septic systems require periodic maintenance to prevent costly failures. Professional septic services, though costly, provide reassurance and avoid pricier emergency repairs. Septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years as part of affordable home repairs to prevent excessive solids accumulation. Clogged outlet filters and cracked inlet/outlet piping also necessitate servicing.

Licensed technicians thoroughly inspect tanks, distribution boxes, pumps, and drainage fields, identifying issues before they become problematic. As part of standard septic system service, technicians will pump the tank if needed, replacing damaged filters, gaskets, and components. A comprehensive service also includes assessing sludge levels and verifying unobstructed drainage fields.

Experienced professionals will help you determine overall system health, estimate remaining lifespan, and recommend solutions for optimal performance. As a homeowner, you should address septic concerns before winter rather than risk disruptive failures or expensive replacements from compromised leach fields. Though routine inspections and pumping cost money, preventative maintenance is far more economical than emergency repairs.

9. Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Budget-consciousness should be prioritized for exterior repairs and upgrades to maximize usefulness and curb appeal without overspending. With this in mind, consider adding lawn and garden maintenance to your list of affordable home repairs.

Fall maintenance typically includes removing fallen leaves and debris, pruning back perennials, planting spring bulbs, and winterizing outdoor features. Investing in quality tools like rakes, tarps, pruners, hoses, and wheelbarrows provides lasting value for DIYers. Renting or borrowing equipment for larger temporary needs can also minimize costs. Don’t overlook personal protective equipment like gloves and goggles when performing messy or hazardous tasks

Hiring reliable local landscaping services at reasonable rates is a wise option for those lacking the time or ability for intensive yard work. With proper planning, effort, and careful spending, you can transform and prepare your property for fall and beyond without straining your finances. Tidying up the yard and garden during still-favorable conditions also allows for enjoying the space before snowfall.

10. Siding and Paint Touch-ups

As you prepare for fall, don’t forget the siding or exterior paint job. This should typically include inspecting and repairing any warped, cracked, or missing siding to help seal gaps and improve insulation. Replacing just a few boards is relatively inexpensive.

While checking the siding, also look at the condition of the exterior paint. Faded and peeling paint exposes the wood underneath to the elements, leading to decay over time. Lightly sanding peeling spots and applying new primer and exterior paint can provide a budget-friendly facelift.

It’s also wise to examine trim, shutters, or other painted exterior features that may need fresh paint before winter. Properly preparing the surfaces and repainting before cold weather sets in can restore curb appeal. Be sure to protect nearby plants from paint drips during the process.

An outdated entry door is another area that can be affordably spruced up with a coat of lively-colored paint and a new doorknob or knocker. Adding fresh weather stripping around the edges provides an extra seal against drafts and helps keep warm air inside. With some budget-friendly paint touch-ups and repairs applied now, you can relax and admire your home’s improved aesthetic from the warm indoors when windy weather moves in.

11. Insulation and Weatherization

When outdoor temperatures drop, it is an optimal time to evaluate insulation and weatherization projects for your home. Properly insulating walls, attics, and basements can substantially reduce heat loss and energy bills during the colder months. Installing fiberglass batts, blown-in cellulose, or spray foam in areas lacking insulation is a smart, affordable upgrade. Replacing old, drafty windows with new energy-efficient models is another excellent option, albeit at a higher cost. For a budget-friendly quick fix, apply plastic film window kits to create an additional insulating barrier over existing panes.

Don’t forget to caulk areas prone to air leakage, like windows, doors, electrical outlets, and attic hatches. Applying weatherstripping materials and door sweeps to exterior doors and adding adjustable thresholds helps prevent heat loss and drafts. Also, proper insulation and weatherization measures now will pay dividends in comfort and energy savings when frigid temperatures arrive. With some strategic planning and targeted upgrades, you can cost-effectively maximize your home’s energy efficiency this fall. Investing in insulation and weatherization is money wisely spent.

Completing such affordable home repairs now can mitigate more costly issues in the future. Sealing windows and doors with caulk, for instance, obstructs drafts and assists in thermal retention. Replacing dilapidated weatherstripping achieves the same objective for a marginal cost. Inspecting and rectifying loose roof shingles following summer storms is also prudent to preclude leaks or total roof failure when snow loads increase.

With basic DIY proficiency and prudent planning, making one’s abode suitable for frigid months need not impose a financial burden. A few inexpensive repairs executed in preparation for winter’s adversity will yield dividends, efficiency, and peace of mind. As the autumnal equinox approaches, homeowners should consider implementing these affordable home repairs before the onset of fall.