Painting a Vinyl Garage Door

Anyone can become a painter, you only need the materials and the know-how! This video is telling us that before you start painting your new garage door you need to clean it using water and a cleaning detergent. This is done to remove some dirt from the door. Protect some door areas like the rails with the painter’s tape and cut around the window panes with an angled brush.

Video Source

After having done this you’re ready to mix your paint and start the process. You need to have the painter’s equipment at home to enjoy your painting experience. When you paint your own garage doors it means you’re not giving anyone money for labor which is advantageous. During the painting process, you need to use a roller brush and make sure that your hands are steady. Do the painting unconsciously and let everything flow without putting too much stress, this way you’d enjoy and even make an outstanding painter. Vinyl garage doors need paints that have a bonding agent as a primer. Leave the primer for a few minutes to dry and apply the second and final coat for an eye-luring experience.

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