How to Natural Stone Paving

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Natural stone slabs are a great option to create a patio, sidewalk, driveway, and more. This how-to video will show you how the experts install natural stone slabs. Learn what type of materials you will need, what equipment you should have on hand, and how to properly lay the stones to get the best results.

You will need a shovel, a rubber mallet, a water source, sand, a mixing container, a level, and a pointing tool.

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This step-by-step tutorial takes you through each step of the process from leveling the ground to the finishing steps. Having the right tools and materials on hand is where you should start.

The right tools and materials will make it easy to lay the stone. This video explains why it is necessary to use each material and displays how the tools and materials are used in the process. There are other videos in this series that can help your DIY natural stone project come together perfectly.

This short easy-to-follow presentation will give you the information you need to create a stunning patio, walkway, or driveway from stone slabs. Watch now to learn how easy it can be to get designer results with a little hard work.

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