A Simple Overview of the Cremation Process

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Understanding how it works might help alleviate some of the stress that family members may experience during this time. This video explains how individual and communal cremations are processed.

1. The operator removes the casket’s metal handles so they don’t interfere with the cremation chamber equipment.

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2. The operator raises the casket lift to place the casket onto the loading table.
3. When the cremation chamber is ready to receive the casket, a family member or the operator starts the process by pushing a button.
4. The button enables the cremator door to open. The chamber is pre-heated to 800 degrees Celsius, and the casket is gently pushed in.
5. A computerized system manages the process and ensures optimum combustion at a regulated temperature of 800 degrees C.
6. The system alerts the operator once the cremation is done. The operator collects the remains and transfers them to a cremulator which removes any remaining metal parts. The remains are ground to a sand-like consistency.
7. The ashes are then transferred to an urn and presented to the family.

Individual and communal cremations are done for pets and humans. It is advised to understand the cremation process before proceeding with it.

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