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Information you May not Know About your Employee Supplied Health Care

Contract compliance

In the U.S., managed health care or managed care is a term used to describe many techniques that are intended to lower the cost to employers for providing health benefits. And interestingly, it is now almost ubiquitous in the United States, which means that almost all employers are using it to help with the burden of health care costs. Because of the reforms our health care system is going through it is no surprise though.

When you are looking at payment reviews, one thing to think of is seeing about a managed care review as well, because it can really help to educate you on your preferred care network, which is one of the staples of a managed care Read More

You take Care of Your Patients

Medicare managed care

You and your medical practice are busy taking care of your patients. You do not want to worry about billing, payment compliance, contract compliance, revenue recovery and other financial and business pitfalls that get in the way of making your patients feel better. Let us handle that for you.

Our firm specializes in managed care review, payment compliance with commercial payments, managed care plans and government payors. We work with many hospitals and doctors across the health care field to assure credit balance reconciliation, worker compensation payments, audits, accounts receivable, and payment reviews. We also provide silent Ppo and unwarranted discounting identification as well as recovery refund review.

We work with Medicare and Medicaid Managed Care Plans and can collect old or complicated accounts that you need taken care of. Your job and your practice’s goal is to care for your patients and keep them healthy. Our job is to keep the business side of your practice healthy. With payment compliance plans that work with both governmental and private insurance companies, we take care of the financials so you can take care of your patients.

No longer will you have to worry about your complicated accounts. With these excellent medical financial services at your service, the business side of your medical office just got much easier. Its payment compliance that you can rely on.

With our services just like your beloved patients, your practice will be in good shape to move on and continue doing what you do best. If managed care review is a problem for you, we are your solution.

You have a plan for all of your patients, trust in the plan that we have used with all of our clients. Just how you treat each patient like they are your only one, we do that with your practice and every practice that we work with. See how much easier payment compliance and medical financials can be today.