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Information you May not Know About your Employee Supplied Health Care

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In the U.S., managed health care or managed care is a term used to describe many techniques that are intended to lower the cost to employers for providing health benefits. And interestingly, it is now almost ubiquitous in the United States, which means that almost all employers are using it to help with the burden of health care costs. Because of the reforms our health care system is going through it is no surprise though.

When you are looking at payment reviews, one thing to think of is seeing about a managed care review as well, because it can really help to educate you on your preferred care network, which is one of the staples of a managed care Read More

How Managed Care Works

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Managed care is a system intended to help decrease unnecessary costs that come with health care through different mechanisms. These mechanisms include economic incentives for physicians and patients to choose less expensive forms of health care, increased beneficiary cost sharing, selective contracting with different health care providers, along with a few others. The initial growth of managed care was brought on by the enactment of the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973.

Managed care review can vouch that managed care plans have subdued medical cost inflation in the late 1980s by making the health care industry to become more efficient and competitive by reducing unneeded hospitalizations and making health care providers to discount their rates. These changes help with Read More