The Impact of Hypoallergenic Bedsheets on Your Skin Health

Unfortunately, many people suffer from skin allergies. In fact, in Europe, about 27% of folks have at least one skin allergy, and this condition is common across the rest of the world. Bedding, including bedsheets and comforters, ranks among the most common sources of skin allergy problems. Fortunately, it’s possible to purchase hypoallergenic bedsheets, which may reduce the risk of reactions.

Identifying the source of skin allergies is important for addressing the issue. By reducing exposure, it’s often possible to reduce, if not eliminate, allergic reactions, and developing a strong foundational knowledge of allergies will help folks mitigate various issues.


Allergies occur when the body overreacts to a certain substance. The immune system is proactive and will actively hunt down and try to destroy anything that it sees as a threat. Most of the time, this is good. If a virus invades the body, the immune system will launch a counterattack and will often be able to wipe the invading microbes out.

Sometimes the body misidentifies threats or overreacts to minor threats. With allergies, the body overreacts to a specific substance, which is referred to as an allergen. This allergen can be practically anything, including molecules found in peanuts, fish, or other foods, as well as chemicals used in floor cleaners and the materials used to make clothing and bedding.

Allergies can dramatically lower one’s quality of life. Besides constant physical irritation, people may struggle to sleep, and their mood could be affected. This may strain relationships at work or home, among other things.

Skin Reactions

Many people suffer allergic reactions after inhaling or swallowing something. However, mere skin exposure can cause a skin reaction, including hives and rashes. In some cases, the reaction can be severe. As with other types of allergies, these events could have a major impact on someone’s life and well-being.

Bedsheets can be a major source of skin reactions. First, the fabrics used to make the sheets may directly cause a reaction from the skin. Second, some bedsheets are more likely to collect allergens, such as pollen and mold. Whatever the case, the allergic reaction could be severe and disruptive.

Hypoallergenic bedsheets, on the other hand, can mitigate risks. These sheets are made of materials that are much less likely to cause a reaction. When you’re ready to purchase new high-quality bedding for your home, contact B-Sensible.

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