How to Use a Lamination Roll

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Lamination rolls have fast become a staple for factory owners. They are great for protecting important documents from dirt or from getting easily destroyed with a simple squeeze. It’s true that there may not be sufficient information available on how to use a lamination roll and this can be very frustrating for someone, like the sign shop owner, that’s in need of information on how they operate.

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If you’re looking to purchase a lamination roll but are clueless o how to use them, you’ll find this handy.

The first thing you need to know is that lamination rolls can either be hot or cold rolls. So, before you go on to understand how to use one, you need to first identify the kind you have or the kind you want. A heated lamination roll will typically require heat to melt glue onto the lamination film, whereas, a cold lamination roll will not.

To use a lamination roll, first insert an edge of the laminating film under the lamination roll and then peel the back of the film carefully so it does not crease. Go on to insert the material you want to laminate while pushing back on the back paper so there’s no gap. You can turn your lamination roll carefully so the material doesn’t crease or form wrinkles.

When you’re done with the lamination process, you can cut off the excess if any, and your material is ready to go.


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