Guide To Custom Power Cables And Where Theyre Useful

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Most people that work professionally with electronic hardware, like amp musicians and computer technicians, know their way around custom power cables, but the average person might not know how many options there really are.

The included video is one such example of a creator utilizing customized hardware to personalize the music-making experience. These options specifically are meant to adapt existing hardware to change the output of each one.

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Many of the concepts applied here though can be duplicated to adapt similar systems.

And this is just the beginning. Through research, one finds that most kinds of cording can be customized, from aux to ethernet, and these modifications can be productive for a variety of goals. Another common custom is for a custom extension cord, perhaps if you have a lot of ground to cover or think you may need to change the length later on. A lot of at-home construction benefits from custom cording like this, so the builder is making sure they aren’t overpaying for more cord than they need.

As a note, always be cautious when working with wiring. Even following a tutorial, basic safety precautions are vital to the safety of yourself, and your equipment as well.


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