How to Test Biodegradability A Quick Guide

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Have you ever wondered how you can do a biodegradability test at home? We have the answer! Keep reading for a quick guide to use when you want to learn how to test biodegradability at home.

You’ll first want to separate your soil into four different pots. Then, place the plastic wrapper you want to test in the first.

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The second can have used paper, the third should have an organic material like peas, and the fourth should have the same organic material, but the soil should be watered. Then, you just leave the pots to sit! Make sure you take photos of your pots for comparison.

After about a week, check on your pots. You can compare the way they look then to the original pictures. This gives you a vague idea about the biodegradability of these objects. You’ll likely see that there’s no change in a plastic wrapper of any kind. The paper probably has little to no change, as well. The organic material should degrade or rot into the soil after a week.

To learn more about this process, watch the video in this article. Then you’ll be ready to complete your own biodegradability test at home!


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