A Look at How to Use a Fire Sprinkler System

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The fire sprinkler training video discusses fire sprinkler systems and how they work within a business establishment. The first aspect of the system that the speaker discusses is the main valve that shuts off the entire building. The bypass is above the area where the main valve is, and it remains off.

The first step is when a sprinkler head goes off in the building to signify that there is an issue.

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The fire then gets put out, or the head to the sprinkler gets busted. The first thing a person would have to do is activate the shut-off valve and then shut off the fire pump and the jockey pump. The jockey pump is there to build pressure if pressure is lost throughout the building. The jockey pump will kick on and build pressure to keep the fire pump from going off.

Floor control buttons and knobs are above the unit. They can be used to isolate the separate floors to perform maintenance tasks. Each floor has its own separate valve for easier operation and isolation. The technician in the video gives many helpful pieces of advice to individuals who will need to operate the sprinkler systems in their facilities.

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