How to Build a Cheap Minecraft Server Computer

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Building a computer that acts as a Minecraft server may sound intimidating, but you can do it simply if you modify a pre-built computer. This video serves as a guide for anyone who wants to experiment with at-home Minecraft server hosting.

Many managed hosting services exist that host Minecraft servers for consumers, and they make server hosting as painless and efficient as possible.

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If they are out of your budget, however, the hosts of the video explain that you can purchase an inexpensive computer as long as you make sure it has the right components. For example, a quad-core processor is essential.

If you need to host more than a couple of people on your server or intend to modify your game significantly, you may need a more expensive server. However, if you just want to try hosting any unmodded version of Minecraft, the video explains how to set up the computer as a server. You will need to have the right operating system and software installed before attempting to host a game, but after just 10 minutes of learning and a few online purchases, you and your friends can play Minecraft together from anywhere.


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