When You Must Sell Your Home Fast

Homeowners have a distinct responsibility that renters do not: selling their property. A renter can wait for his or her lease to expire and then move away, bringing all of their possessions with them. A homeowner, however, faces the prospect of having to put their home on the real estate market. The good news is that attractive and well-maintained homes tend to sell well, and any homeowner can enlist the aid of a real estate agent to sell their property. Real estate agents may use comparative market analysis (CMA) software, and also advise the homeowner on other aspects of selling their property. However, some homeowners might not have the budget to remodel their interior or do some landscaping, and this makes their property less attractive on the market. Some homeowners, therefore, turn to “We Buy Homes” style companies, and they can choose an option such as “sell my house fast”. How to sell a house for cash? To sell your home as is, a homeowner may look up companies in their area for this work. An Internet search with queries such as “We Buy Houses Wisconsin” or “We buy houses for cash Boston MA” can be used. To sell your home as is may be a great relief.

Housing and Appeal

What is it about a house that may make it sell well, or not, on the real estate market? It should be noted that while this endeavor is very much possible, it can be complex, and even real estate lawyers may be hired to help make the paperwork go smoother. The average real estate transaction in the United States today involves nearly 86 different people from start to finish, and some homes may not sell well anyway. Why may a homeowner turn to “sell your home as is” services when they can’t find a buyer?

The front and back lawns are a factor here. Landscaping is the act of modifying a house’s front or back yards with natural plant life or man-made features, and a landscaped front or back lawn can make a big difference. This can be a great investment for a homeowner who can afford it; investing 5% of a property’s total value into landscaping can yield an ROI, or return of investment, as high as 150%. Trees, shrubs, bushes, flower gardens, and more can make a property stand out on the real estate market, not to mention man-made features. A wooden deck, or an outdoor grill or full-blown kitchen, can go a long way. A backyard might also have a wooden storage shed, a swimming pool, a stone pathway, or a wooden fence to keep all of this private and safe. A property with no landscaping may not appeal as much, and this can slow down business. A homeowner may choose the “sell your home as is” option if they don’t have the budget or the time for landscaping.

Interior remodeling and repair can be considered landscaping for the house’s interior. Unlike renters, homeowners can have contractors alter the house’s inside, and this can take a wide variety of forms. Some homeowners remodel their kitchen, such as changing the floor tiles or repainting the walls, or they may even replace the counter-top and install a new sink or stove. The bathroom may have a fresh new toilet and bath tub in it, not to mention new lighting fixtures and wall art. Or, other rooms may have new wallpaper, new windows, or new carpets to make the whole place feel fresh. This can easily pay for itself, with ROI as high as 70-80% in some rooms. This may be beyond the budget of some homeowners, however, as remodeling is no small feat. A home with older features may not appeal as much to buyers. What to do? Can the house still be sold somehow?

A homeowner struggling in the real estate market may look up and contact We Buy Houses or the like. An inspector will visit the property and estimate its value, and the company may make an offer. If the homeowner accepts, he or she will simply sell that property as it is to that company for a discounted price. This results in a net loss, but at least it gets the property sold.

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