How to Store Pharmaceuticals Safely

Proper storage and safety is an important function of any pharmaceutical company. Improper storage can lead to medications going bad or cause cross contamination, which would not only be a waste of product and money but a safety hazard.

Pharmaceutical storage conditions should be held to a high standard and should follow the conditions below to assure that no problems arise. With these conditions in place a biostorage facility shouldn’t have any issues and should have a fantastic standard of safety.

Always Double Check Labels

One of the first things you can do to avoid the mixing of products is to always double check labels before the products go into storage. Making sure that everything is properly labeled and that nothing made it into the wrong bottle will eliminate safety issues later on. This will also make organizing or finding what you need easier.

Pay Attention to Climate Control

Biostorage conditions are going to change from medication to medication. It is wise to pay close attention to what medications you are handling and their specific temperature needs. Storing them in improper climate conditions can make them go bad long before their expiration date, especially if they require cold storage and are left at room temperatures.

Separate All Products

Distinctly separating all products is not only a nice organizational tool, but it’s a great safety measure as well. You can add dividers to shelves if you are low on space or just dedicate one shelf to a specific medication and don’t put anything else on that shelf. Applying labels to the shelving is another good precaution to avoid mix-ups.

Use Proper Security

Biostorage should be properly secured. Many pharmaceuticals are worth a great deal of money on the street, so keeping them locked up is a wise precaution. Pharmaceutical storage facilities should use key codes or cards not only for entry to storage, but for entry to the building itself.

Always Be Thorough

The main focus is to be thorough any time you are handling pharmaceuticals. Pay attention to details and focus on your work so that mistakes are not made. Proper storage and safety depends solely on the workers and managers who implement it.

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