Month: January 2014

Cancer Diagnosis Strips Woman of Parental Rights

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Can you lose custody of your children because you have cancer? Will courts strip you of your parental rights for using prescribed medical treatment? In shocking and revealing cases, North Carolina and California judges ruled yes. Here’s how two separate parents lost custody of their children:

Mom Loses Custody of Kids After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A North Carolina mother, Alaina Giordano, lost custody of her children after a fierce custody battle; sources reveal that her breast cancer diagnosis largely determined the judge’s decision. “A North Carolina judge denied Giordano primary custody of her two children in part because ‘the course of her disease is unknown’ and ‘children who have a parent with cancer need more contact with the non-ill parent,'” ABC News reports.

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What are the Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Not too long ago many people thought of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment as some kind of radical and experimental treatment for medical conditions for which nothing else seemed to work. The may have been true to some extent, but the United States Medicare program now recognizes hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy as a reimbursable medical treatment. Thus, hyperbaric oxygen therapy costs are covered under most Medicare plans.

If you are old enough to remember the mid-1980s, you can probably recall the photos depicting Michael Jackson sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber that appeared on the cover of popular American tabloids. W Read More

Plans That Provide Benefits Employees Want

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The Canada Health Transfer is the transfer payment program that supports the health systems of the provinces and territories of Canada. For historical reasons the definition of insured services under the CHT is generally restricted to care delivered in hospitals or by doctors. Under the Canadian health care system, preventive care and early detection are considered to be very important with yearly checkups highly encouraged. Early detection will extend life expectancy, improve quality of life, and reduce overall healthcare costs.

While the basic healthcare system provides basic services, there may be procedures that are not covered. Many business owners want to extend or supplement benefits employees receive to provide addRead More

Are You a Small Business Owner? Find out Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Accountant

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The word “accountant” stems from the French word “compter,” which means to count or score. The principles of accountancy are applied to business entities in three divisions of practical art known as accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. All three of these divisions are important for different types of businesses, but any business should have access to an accountant, even a small business. Accountants and auditors are responsible for assessing financial operations, and they work to help ensure that organizations run efficiently.

Accounting is quite possibly the most important aspect for starting and operating a business, it’s crucial to have a qualified individual or accounting firm oversee a business’ financial operations. Small business accounting firms specialize in assessing financial operati Read More

How to Stand Out to a Headhunter

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Considering that there are over 22 million sales reps and professionals in North America, it take a lot to really stand out and get the attention of sales headhunters. Reps have to have good research skills in order to find out about their prospects, and know and understand the needs of their business. They have to be charismatic, adaptable, confident and enthusiastic, too.

These are intangible qualities that make a salesperson successful, which makes the job of an executive search consultant tricky. Finding the perfect individual for a company, culture and industry is a huge challenge. However, some possible recruits make it easy for an executive search consultant to choose them, because they make it a point to stand out from the rest. How do they do that? Here are a few ways possible.

1. Know What Y Read More

Sick of Trimming and Shaving Unwanted Hair on Your Body? Laser Hair Removal Procedures Provide a Safe and Reliable Solution

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Recent technological advances in professional laser hair removal procedures are providing a safe and reliable solution to removing undesired hair from the body. The advances with advanced laser hair removal have caused laser treatment to become one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States, with over 1.2 million professional laser hair removals occurring in 2012 alone. Laser technology is useful for removing undesired hair from the face, underarms, bikini line, legs, arms and other areas too.

Most laser hair removal procedures are performed plastic cosmetic surgeons or technicians. The procedure involves using a laser that focuses an intense, pulsating beam of light in the a Read More

Mother Stabbed by Son Why Did She Receive Workers Compensation?

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In an unusual case of getting hurt on the job, one woman received workers compensation after being stabbed repeatedly by her 33-year-old son. Why did she receive compensation for this?

Laura O’Rourke was working, under a state-paid contract, as a caregiver for her son, Joshua Gartland. Nine months after he was moved into her house, Gartland entered O’Rourke’s room while she was sleeping, and attempted to kill her with a kitchen knife. O’Rourke had both psychological and physical injuries as a result, including PTSD and a loss of function in her arm. The court ruled that her injuries were related to her caregiving employment, and she was entitled to aid.

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