Day: November 26, 2013

Know When and How to File for Bankruptcy in Indiana

Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy

For individuals considering filing for bankruptcy in the state of Indiana and struggle to pay their debts, are constantly harassed by creditors, or face foreclosure or repossession, understanding when should you file bankruptcy can be difficult. Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that allows an individual to receive relief for unresolved debt or a sort of “fresh start” from their current financial situation. Common bankruptcy filings are typically generated by job loss, medical problems and divorce. However, bankruptcy is not the answer to all financial problems, and understanding the qualifications and process of filing for bankruptcy in Indiana is important.

Residents of Indiana in difficult financial situations may find themselves wondering “when should you file bankruptcy?” It’s importan Read More

How to Furnish an Office Effectively

Cabinets cheap

Did you know that furnishing an office can cost up to $5,000? And that is just for basic furniture. As such, many business owners and office managers actively seek affordable office furniture. The furnishing of an office is incredibly important; research has shown that workers are more productive when they are in a more comfortable workplace, and good furnishings comprise a healthy part of a comfortable workplace.

Interestingly, when companies relocate, they often sell their furniture to furniture resellers, which allows new businesses to purchase it for up to half the price. Reading between the lines, furniture resellers are one of the best ways through which to get affordable office furniture. Importantly Read More