Top Five Facts About Designing a Child Charm Bracelet

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Jewelry does not always have to be about romantic love. It can be about friendship or feelings of intense connection that come along with the bonds of family. Interested in decorate a child charm bracelet as a gift for your son or daughter? Here are five facts about jewelry to get you started:

1. The Pandora jewelry company was founded in 1982 by a Danish couple and began as a small shop in Copenhagen. It operated as a private company until October 2010, when it was sold through an initial public offering, or IPO. One of the most endearing features of the Pandora company was its bracelets, which all featured a patented threading system.

2. Charm bracelets are just about as American as apple pie. In the 1950s and early 1960s, teenagers in the United States collected charms to commemorate different life events. This was years before Pandora bracelets, of course, but the child charm bracelet was still a big hit in American even when Pandora was founded in the early 1980s.

3. Movie actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford were seen as icons in the mid-20th century. Their display of personal bracelets helped contribute to the rich history of charm bracelets throughout the U.S. Fans from all corners of life adored them and sought to emulate them, hence the proliferation of the child charm bracelet.

4. Why charm bracelets? Well, for one thing, they can convey emotion. There is just a thing as the I love you Pandora charm, which can be added to a child charm bracelet to show how much the child is loved. There is also the best friend charm and the family Pandora charm, all of which capture true personal feelings of bonding and warm connection.

5. Charms can also mark significant milestones or personal accomplishments in life. Got your driver license? Get a car charm! Got engaged? Get a heart charm! Parents can design a child charm bracelet for their kids, too, specifically engineered with their tastes in mind. They make great gifts. Read this for more:

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