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There are many reasons so many people are visiting urgent care centers. It may be because their regular physician is not available. In fact, only 29 percent of primary care doctors offer after hours service. These urgent care centers concentrate on the evaluation and treatment of conditions such as fractures, gastrointestinal issues, sprains and other such things. However, they also offer services such as lab services, X rays, routine physicals, and STD testing in confidence. Luckily, there are about 129,043 people employed by urgent care centers.

When thinking about whether you need to visit your regular doctor or your nearest urgent care center for such things as STD testing in confidence or STD testing in your area, you should understand the advantages of visiting your own doctor rather than an ER or a 24 hour care center. Perhaps you have a fracture that needs to be seen as soon as possible. The most common fracture in people under age 75 is a wrist fracture. For those over the age of 75, it is a hip fracture. If your child has a fracture, you can visit an urgent care center and then follow up with your regular doctor during his regular office hours.

For STD testing in confidence, it may just be a matter of personal preference. You may prefer that your regular doctor is not involved with this matter. A Denver urgent care center or even online STD testing can keep STD testing in strict confidence. This will help you feel more comfortable about getting Denver std testing or STD testing in your town.

The fact that there are so many services such as STD testing in confidence are available may make you think that such a service is very expensive. In fact, a visit to a 24 hr urgent care center is much less expensive than a visit to the emergency room. A visit to a hospital emergency room averages about $1,500 while a visit to an urgent care center will be about $150.

Whether you need STD testing in private, or just a sprain tended to these centers can be inexpensive and very effective. It is also a great way to know that you can seek medical attention any time of the day or night.
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