Day: September 9, 2013

Three Signs That You May Need Web Portal Development Services

Custom application development

Web based applications and web portals are gaining popularity online as a unique way of bringing diverse information together in a unified format. Portals offer unique CRM, intranet, and enterprise capabilities. If a static website is not sufficient for your needs, then consider that one of these three situations might indicate that you need web portal development.

1. You need to do business with clients or vendors over a secure and private network.

This is a common problem for many companies. The internet and email applications are not nearly secure enough for all interactions. Fortunately, custom web applications can be built with enhanced security to allow for secure and private interactions within a network.

2. You want your clients and staff to be able to use the internet to connect to Read More

Injured on the Job? Understand How to Make a Maritime Claim

Federal workers compensation attorneys

If you are someone who has been injured, or know of someone that has died, while working as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan or any other country where the United States has operations or military bases, be advised that you or the person you know may be entitled to compensation or benefits as part of the Defense Base Act.

A defense base act lawyer is an attorney that is willing to work with clients to get compensation due to injuries suffered while on the job. The Dba attorney, or a team of Dba lawyers, will be called upon when an accident or injury occurs, rendering a client in need of wor Read More