Day: September 5, 2013

How to Spot a Good DIning Set

Luxury bedroom sets

In medieval times, cushions and chair pads were used to ease the hardness of wooden stools and chairs. Chair pads were used in both poor and wealthy homes. Today, a modern descendant would be the padding you typically see at sporting games or for when people have to sit on bleachers.

Early on in history, chairs were only used by people of higher society, notably by the use of thrones. Those of lower social stature sat in simple, backless versions of chairs, where were called stools. Interestingly, Charles Darwin invented the modern office chair when he added wheels to his chair in order to get to his specimens quicker.

Today, you can get all sorts of elaborate chairs, for example as part of a contemporary dining set. Contemporary dining sets can be found at a variety of home stores and Read More

What Are Hose Clamps?

Hose clamp

A hose clamp, which can also be called a hose clip, is a device which is used to attach and seal hoses onto fittings. There are a number of different types of clamps, including screw band clamps, spring clamps, wire clamps and ear clamps, and all the different hose clamps can be used for different types of jobs.

The main goal of a hose clamp is to create a tight seal between hoses and barbs, which prevents the fuel inside the hose from escaping. To that end, they are generally designed to provide pressure on all sides evenly, and eliminate all gaps. To create a good seal, the barb should be completely free of any and all nicks or scratches.

The different qualities of hose clamps vary by the material they are made of. There are large ho Read More

The Most Basic of Toilet Repairs

Replacing a toilet

There’s much more to plumbing than most people realize. Ever since copper tubes were first used for plumbing in 2750 BC, advanced systems of pipes, drain fittings, and valves have been used to handle everything from the removal of waste to the supply of water for washing. Usually, these systems are hidden behind walls or in utility spaces where they’re rarely seen. The result? A general lack of knowledge about plumbing repair in the average homeowner.

That wouldn’t be a problem if most homeowners weren’t quite so stubborn. For many, the only plumbers they interact with regularly are Mario and Luigi. For the most part, homeowners are not really qualified to do much more than unclog a toilet, and even clogged toilets can sometimes be tricky enough to warrant a phone call. Major toilet repairs most certainly d Read More