Search Engine Optimization Resellers Providing Businesses with Services to Help Them Obtain More Web Traffic, More Leads

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When it comes to marketing a business in the modern world, anyone with any sort of business savvy or sense is well aware how crucial it is for a business to have a strong online presence. Depending on what type of business it is that they do, some may even consider online marketing to be the only effective form of marketing that still matters. As the Internet continues to advance all the time, more and more opportunities for online marketing continue to take many forms. Many businesses that experience difficulty in properly marketing themselves online may not even realize how much potential things like social media and strong web design have for increasing their online sales. What many businesses are starting to see though is that search engines are a seemingly limitless marketing opportunity, which is why many are hiring the services of search engine optimization reseller companies.

Online retailers and service providers have claimed that statistically, over 39 percent of their customers have come from searches. Studies have shown that many Internet users will begin each of their online sessions by using a search engine. As a result of the combination of how frequently searches are conducted and the amount of sales they can generate for a business, the search engine industry is now figured to be worth approximately 16 billion dollars. Businesses in need of an online boost realize that they need to rank highly on search engine results in order to attract potential leads, but they also need to do so without being a paid ad link because studies show that 70 percent of the links clicked by Internet users are organic results. To achieve this, a business may hire an Seo reseller company that can create custom content for them using keywords and phrases that will make the business more easily found in searches.

Some reseller programs have also begun reselling social media. Though social media is an important market, companies generally only respond to their social media followers 30 percent of the time. Social media resellers and marketers will emphasize the importance of the fans and followers on the social media page for a business though, with 94 percent of them tracking the number of followers a business page has. With many marketing opportunities to be tapped on the Web, reseller programs may be able to provide businesses with the services they need to achieve better online success.

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