Get the Most Bang for your Buck With These Easy Renovation Tips

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One of the first questions you are going to ask if you are considering renovating is of course how much does home renovation cost? Well, believe it or not there are affordable home remodeling options out there, and if you budget correctly and spend intelligently, the home remodel cost will add enough equity to your home that you will get a nice ROI or return on investment.

How do you know what will give the most return on your investment? Well, one of the best pieces of home remodeling advice you can follow is to actually talk to a local realtor, because they can tell you what improvements in your area in particular are going to be the most desirable. For example, certain areas prefer green appliances in the kitchen, or value having a bathtub more than having a walk in shower.

As a general rule of thumb though, the best thing to do for your home is one of two things. Either remodel one room at a time, or, if you are looking to sell your home quickly, exterior home remodeling. Landscaping, according to the majority of realtors across the nation, is one of the top five ways to draw in potential buyers for your home. Good landscaping can be thousands of dollars if you let it, but, when planned correctly can cost hundreds instead.

If you want to remodel the rooms that will give you the most equity in your home first though, you will want to look at two rooms. Now, the kitchen and bathroom remodeling cost the most of any room in the home, unless you are planning on completely finishing an unfinished basement or attic, but they will actually give you the highest returns on your investments.

So, start with these two rooms and go from there, because really, the question of how much does home renovation cost really is answered by how many rooms you plan on doing, and how much you spend in each room. If you let each room in your home cost 40% of your home’s total value, then it will cost that much. But, if you only budget 10% of your home’s total value, then it will cost that much instead.

All good remodeling jobs start with a good remodeling budget, and a good remodeling plan. So, no matter your budget, you will be able to do something in your price range to up the value of your house without a doubt. So really, you are the one that will answer the question how much does home renovation cost, because you get to make that decision before anything happens in your home. More on this.

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