Day: August 28, 2013

Bankruptcy Isn’t Free

What happens in chapter 13 bankruptcy

The number of bankruptcies have gone down in the United States in recent years, but this is not because people are avoiding financial circumstances in which it is allowed. It is because people are beginning to realize that filing for bankruptcy does not always help. People are beginning to ask the question “Why file bankruptcy?”

Why file bankruptcy is a question that can have a different answer in different contexts. Sometimes, it might be that you cannot succeed in the business that you intended to set up. Sometimes, it is just that you can longer make the payment on your house. The bankruptcy michigan and other attorneys offer can be Read More

Do You Need Uniforms?

Eco dry cleaning

If you have ever taken items to a professional dry cleaner, there is a high likelihood that they were cleaned with dangerous chemicals. Although today there are environmentally friendly dry cleaning services, there are still plenty that have yet to go green.

Perchloroethylene, which is used in traditional dry cleaning, is a synthetic, volatile organic compound that poses a health risk to humans, as well as a threat to the environment. When you use green dry cleaning, you are cutting out the perchloroethylene that would be going into your home and the air.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that clothes dry cleaned with perc can elevate levels of the toxin throughout a home, and especially in th Read More