Day: August 23, 2013

Why is Having a Responsive Website Important?

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93 percent of users begin their online experience with a search engine. Additionally, 80 percent of users claim to only click on organic links and ignore the sponsored ads that come up as the result of a search. In order to not only get your website known, but to also make a lasting impression on first time visitors of your website, SEO must be utilized. Since first impressions are important in the search engine world, effective internet marketing advertising can help improve your brand imagery.

Whether you are marketing for Santa Rosa Community Market or for a different type of website, user friendly website designs are crucial. The point of building a resp Read More

Moving Madness Solved


The chaos of moving is enough to push anyone over the edge. There never seems to be enough time, and you always feel like you are forgetting something. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to reduce the stress, and make moving a smooth transition.

The best thing you can do to take the pressure off is to use some of your moving budget on great movers. A large portion of your time can be spent properly protecting your furniture, loading boxes and heavy items into the moving vehicle, and making trips back and forth. With experienced long distance movers, you can spend that time on other important aspects of your move.

One of the biggest obstacles people face moving, especially in the military, is a gap in time between homes. It is not uncommon to have to vacate your current home days or weeks before you can move in Read More

Get the Most Bang for your Buck With These Easy Renovation Tips

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One of the first questions you are going to ask if you are considering renovating is of course how much does home renovation cost? Well, believe it or not there are affordable home remodeling options out there, and if you budget correctly and spend intelligently, the home remodel cost will add enough equity to your home that you will get a nice ROI or return on investment.

How do you know what will give the most return on your investment? Well, one of the best pieces of home remodeling advice you can follow is to actually talk to a local realtor, because they can tell you what improvements in your area in particular are going to be the most desirable. For example, certain areas prefer green applianc Read More