Day: July 15, 2013

You CAN Grow Things Indoors Now

Grow boxes

Do you not have room for a garden? Are you looking to grow something that only needs a little bit of sunlight exposure? That is not a problem. Because there are such things as growing cabinets.

The name sounds like something from a science fiction or fantasy story, almost like a cabinet that continues to grow like a tree even after it has been made into a piece of furniture. But this is not what growing cabinets are. A grow box for sale is rather a type of box where people can grow plants of many different varieties.

You are probably wondering why you might want growing cabinets in the first place. What is the point, you might be asking. Why would anyone want to have plant where they cannot be seen? There are Read More

Three Natural IBS Treatments to Ease Your Suffereing

Diabetes treatment

One of the best natural IBS treatments I have ever encountered is the simple application of age old wisdom. Simply put, if something makes you sick, then stop eating it. Of course, it can be tricky to diagnose what foods set off a flare of IBS.

Here are a list of the three biggest foods that I try to avoid as a means for my own natural ibs treatment.

1. Caffeine. You see, caffeine can cause heartburn and cramping, by stimulating the intestines. I always had a problem when I drank coffee. There are other alternatives to getting your energy fix, though. Incorporating better sleeping habits can really improve energy levels if you find yourself lacking while using this natural IBS treatment.

2. Sorbitol. This i Read More