Day: July 9, 2013

The Many Options For Childcare

Port st. john fl childcare

When having a child one of the most important expenses you have to consider is day care. Even if you do not work full time, day care can be beneficial to your child in a few different ways. It is an important decision, whether or not you should put your child in daycare and there are many factors to consider.

Child care is expensive. If you only make a little over minimum wage at your job, it will cost your more to keep your child in a private day care. There are cheaper childcare options such as in home sitting or a nanny. It is important to do lots of research to find a child care option that you are both happy with and you can afford it

If you do not work, you may be wonderi Read More

Gain the Skills Employers Want with UNM Continuing Education

New mexico continuing education

After the “Great Recession” took hold and sent tens of thousands of hardworking Americans into unemployment, many of the unemployed found themselves with few options. It was not unusual to see people who were making over 50 grand per years working two or three jobs delivering pizzas or taking orders over a drive through intercom. This was especially true for people with highly specialized or outdated skills, and other education or training to fall back on.

While some companies offered their employees with severance packages that included money for retraining, others received nothing but a pink slip and mounting bills that they could not pay. For employees who were not fortunate enough to receive the benefit of “free” retraining, they still had the option pursuing retraining through continuing Read More

The Benefits of Online Merchant Processing

Processing credit cards

In this day and age, you would think that every business would was offer their customers some kind of online merchant processing, or, at least, online credit card processing. Then again, there are always those stubborn convenience store owners who will not accept an ATM cards, nor do they have the means to accept them. When it comes to online businesses, it is obviously essential that they offer some kind of online merchant processing. When you consider the fact that E commerce more than tripled between 2002 and 2011, the writing is on the wall.

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