Day: July 7, 2013

In Charge of Church Appearances? We Have Got Answers for You

Church podiums

From time to time we have all been inside a church. Whether you are a regular church attendee, or visit on holidays, next time you go take a look at all the interesting church furniture your congregation has invested in. Often times antique church pews are something many collectors are interested in. The often hold high historic value and also are a great addition to any furniture collection.

When sermons started to become more popular during church services, church pews began to appear in almost every church. Protestants made the pew a staple in expected church furniture. Church pews can widely differ from ones with foot rests, back supports, or just a simple wooden bench. Church pew seating was often decided by rank of citizen. This means that higher social classes sat in the ones closer to the front of the Read More