Marijuana Addicts Cannot Stop

Cannabis addict

28.5 million Americans wonder daily how to quit smoking marijuana. That is the number of Americans 12 and older who have been marijuana addicts in the past year, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Indeed, marijuana addicts can say that marijuana addiction ruins their lives. 200,000 students or so have been denied financial aid for college on the basis of drug convictions. More disturbingly, a government database reports that 30 percent of those arrested for marijuana abuse were under 19.

With the problems marijuana addicts suffer, one must wonder why they do not quit. Marijuana addiction treatment is not easy when attempted alone. Among 496 adult marijuana addicts, 95.5 percent suffered at least one symptom, and 43.1 percent suffered two or more. The best way to treat these marijuana addicts is through a marijuana addiction program. Such a program can guide marijuana addicts through recovery, and then keep them off marijuana.

The U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy says that 6,000 Americans use marijuana for the first time. These future marijuana addicts can be treated. With vigilance and proper training, everyone can enjoy a drug free future.

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