Get a Bigger Bite of the SEO Pie

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One of the first web browsers, Mosaic, was the largest contributor toward the proliferation of the world wide web. Since Mosaics release in 1993, the number of active internet users increased by the billions, literally. In a recent study by the International Telecommunication Union, it was determined that there are more than two billion active internet users worldwide. This surge in popularity has led to the immense worth of the search engine industry, which is purported to be more than $16 billion. How do companies seeking a strong foot print in the digital age take advantage of this huge industry? Many enlist the aid of a Naples web design firm that specializes in Fort myers marketing and Fort Myers website design strategies.

Todays business needs to be at the top of their game when it comes to Miami internet marketing strategies. For many small businesses, they simply do not have the capital to invest in their own Naples web design staff. That is why outsourcing said services can provide a healthy return on investment. SEO leads garner a higher than 14 percent close rate as opposed to outbound leads, which can reap a less than 2 percent close rate. Search engine optimization leads are created by web design Fort Myers specialists who know the rules of the SEO game.

For starters, Naples web design firms can create attractive and aesthetically pleasing websites. Just as important is keeping your site at the forefront of search engine results. An experienced internet marketing agency such as a Naples web design firm can improve your ranking via relevant content, ongoing social media efforts, and other up to date Seo strategies.

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