Day: August 24, 2012

Open to Using the Seattle Tours to Learn All About Seattle

I just read something interesting from Facebook. As of July 2011, Washington State had eliminated all of the tourist information booths and is the only state doing it. Pretty disappointed and sad about it. Due to lack of making our state interesting to come visit, the United States had given up on our state to encourage people as a tourist attraction while the other states, are continuing to gain popularity over the years. Seattle tours are done each week and what you learn about Seattle may open your eyes wider than ever before.

The Seattle tours can be found online and in phone books. If you are from another state, do some research on companies that offer the Seattle tours. What you paid for will be worth every penny of it because just by doing it on your own, in my opinion, is a travesty. The tour guides have more than enough knowledge about the Seattle area which is why I said they are worth it. Without the Seattle tours guide, you might as well work on researching the area on your own time and adding more information about the place before heading here.

Seattle is a great city to live in which some people may have some issues with rain. Most people think that Seattle tend to rain too much but is not the case. If you can afford it, use the Seattle tours to educate you about Seattle.

You have shopping malls, banks, grocery stores and whatever you can think of. If you need to know where a certain place is located at, the Seattle tours would give you the information. What the tour guides share with one another will mean more knowledge can be shared with other tourists like yourself. Instead of relying on the information that are out now, the Seattle tours guide will do whatever they can to eliminate and avoid outdated information about the areas. Some of the information about Seattle is outdated such as shops that are no longer around and so forth.

However, if you have a family or two that live in the Seattle area, you may possibly use them as your Seattle tours guide. Once you get an idea of what it is like to live in Seattle, you may possibly fall in love with the beauty of the area.