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Know your flooring options

Flooring washington, dc

Wood flooring was originally available in two varieties: plank (boards of 8″ or wider) and strip (boards 2″ to 4″). Historically, plank floors were common in rural areas, while strip floors were seen in better homes. Now they are the standard. When looking for hardwood floors Rockville MD residents will likely have the latter in more abundance.

More recently “Green” or environmentally conscious flooring options have included reclaimed wood flooring, wool and bamboo. While these are popular options for hardwood flooring maryland still has more customers looking for the traditional styling.

What many people in the market for hardwood floors Rockville MD may still think of Linoleum as a 20th Century product, it was actually invented way back in 1855 by Frederick Walton, an Englishman. Perhaps you are in need of flooring Rockville or flooring dc, or hardwood floors Rockville MD.

One of the most important decisions to make when considering hardwood floors Rockville MD residents must decide on what kind of finish they would like on their flooring. The two most popular modern finishes for wood flooring are oil modified urethane and water based polyurethane. Within both categories there are many variations and other names used to describe the finish.

An interesting factoid for people interested in carpet Rockville, or hardwood floors Rockville MD historically the word “carpet” was also used to describe table and wall coverings, as floor covering made of fabric was not common in Europe until the 18th century, which began with the opening of trade routes to Persia. While searching for carpets Washington DC residents have a tremendous selection to choose from.


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