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Protect Your Kids with a Food Safety Course

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We have all heard of the phrase “five second rule,” but this idea holds no truth whatsoever for food safety and sanitation. In fact, Jillian Clarke disproved this phrase through studies at the University of Illinois back in 2003. Today, there are courses that teach food safety for kids to help eliminate the dogma of catchy phrases like the “five second rule.” One of the most important rules for food safety for kids is washing hands. Regular soap is just as effective as antibacterial soap. Actually, regular soap is safer than antibacterial soap, especially if you are working with food.

Food safety for kids involves information about how to keep hands clean before and after handling food. Food preparation safety includes washing hands before handling food, which is extremely important in schools because 22 million days of school are lost because of the common cold. The last thing you want your kids to deal with is missing days at school because of the cold. Food safety for kids will actually reduce the spread of the common cold by a small percentage. Kitchen safety tips will also include temperature ranges for preparing, storing and cooking food, as well as temperature ranges that bacteria will flourish in.

For example, a bacterium flourishes in temperatures of 41 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you should not serve, store or prepare food between these temperature ranges. Bacteria and food borne illnesses are the biggest threats to kitchen sanitation. You can find food safety solutions and tips easily online. The best thing schools can do for children in the kitchen is teaching safety guidelines that will help prevent the possibility of food borne illnesses. Bacteria is everywhere, and studies by the University of Arizona shows almost all shoes have fecal bacteria on the bottom. More information about food safety for kids is in social media sites and blogs.


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