Understanding The Evolution Of Printable Vinyl

Vinyl coated fabric

The word vinyl actually comes from the same Latin word, vinum, that the word wine comes from. This is because both wine and vinyl fabrics are derived from ethyl alcohol. Typically, whenever people think about vinyl, they think of either record albums or vinyl sign material. Regardless of what comes to your mind, you’re essentially thinking of the very same thing, printable vinyl.

In 1913 the first patent for PVC was issued to Friedrich Klatte. It was then that he invented a new method in which sunlight was used for the polymerization of vinyl. Since then vinyl has came a long way. Now it’s widely used for children’s toys because it is safe, durable and easy to clean. In fact, one of the most popular children’s toys of the 20th Century, Colorforms, is made of printable vinyl.

So, what exactly is printable vinyl? It’s when printing is done on vinyl coated fabric. Typically, this is more commonly referred to as laminate fabric. Of course, this is the simple definition of what it is but you can clearly see that vinyl has came a long way in the 100 years that it’s been in existence.

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